Friday, May 15, 2009

Pehchaan?? Who am I?

1. My father was a former senior economist in Keynesian Government & I once worked in a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop. Who am I?

Ans : Barack Obama

2. I was born in a Marathi Family. I worked for the Bangalore Transport Service as a bus conductor. My popularity and appeal is largely drawn from my mannerisms and stylized delivery of dialogue. Who am I ?

Ans : Rajnikant

3. I am the first recipient of the Distinguished Marketing Educator Award established by American Marketing Association? Who am I?

Ans : Philip Kotler

4. I am an Indian who holds a record for being a brand ambassador for a particular product for 20 years. I am a Grammy Award winner. I was named an Old Dominion Fellow by the Humanities Council at the Princeton University and a visiting professor at Stanford University. Who am I?

Ans : Ustad Zakir Hussain

5. I am the present CEO of Irish football club Galway United. I spent 6 & half yrs in Changi Prison, Singapore. I became infamous for my Barings bank error A/c 88888. Who am I?

Ans : Nick Leeson


  1. ANS1 - Barack Obama
    ANS2 - Rajnikanth
    ANS3 - Philip Kotler
    ANS4 - Zaakhir Hussain
    ANS5 - Nick Leeson

    BY Varun Maheshwari

  2. 1. Barack Obama
    2. Rajnikanth
    4. Ustad Zakir Hussain

  3. 1)Barack obama
    2)Rajini kanth
    4)Zahir hussain

  4. 1. Barack Obama
    2. Rajnikanth
    3. Philip Kotler
    4. Nick Leason

  5. 1.Barrack Obama
    3.Philip Kotler
    4.Ustad Zaakhir Hussain