Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Anniversary of Confusedgyani :)

Dear Friends,

Confusedgayani has completed its one year on 24th Dec. 2009. I still remember the day when me and Udai had decided to start a quizzing blog to share our quizzing passion with the world. It was a chilly night in BIMTECH campus and placement season was not going good as was the case with all the B-schools.

At the completion of one year when we look back we feel very much satisfied. We have 270 posts with more than 500 comments and 34 followers. With increasing followers base we feel responsibility to post questions more regularly and be more innovative.

Amrendra Pandey

the joy of Knowledge

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  1. Hi,
    Its wonderful to hear that our college quizzing blog 'confusedgyani' has completed one year in sharing knowledge. Lets hope that this forum keeps spreading the joy of knowledge and sharing.

    I sincerely congratulate and thank all those involved in this endeavour.