Monday, February 9, 2009

Answers to 1 Hafta 5 Sawaal

1. The colors define the corporate. In this logo Blue denotes Imagination, Red for Action and Yellow for Joy and it was designed by Chetan, a child from Spastic Society of India. Name it.

Ans : Mindtree

2. Academy Award of Merit is more popularly known as ?

Ans : Oscars

3. Emile Jellinek was a part-time salesman who worked for Daimler. He was a keen racing driver and agreed to order 36 cars from Daimler if they were named after his daughter. A famous brand was born then. Identify ?

Ans : Mercedes

4. Hotel Sixer : Kapil Dev :: Curry Leaves : ?

Ans : Arvinda De Silva

5. What Is BUSH HOUSE ?

Ans : Headoffice of BBC

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