Monday, February 16, 2009

Answers To 1 Hafta 5 Sawaal

1. Its first product was “Farine Lactée”in 1867
Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in 1905
its first investment in India in Moga in 1961
It holds 26.4% of the shares of L'Oréal.
which company?

Ans : Nestle

2. Name the Indian daily launched in 1961,printed on recyled paper?

Ans : The Economic Times

3. PWC : Satyam as ----- : Enron ?

Ans : Arthur Enderson

4. What Does AMWAY mean ?

Ans : American Way

5. The famous symbol of Four Linked Rings is the logo of Audi.
What is the significance of these rings linked together?

Ans : It Indicates the Union of four founder companies Audi,
Horsh, DKW and Wanderer Automobile Department to
form the Auto Union AG in 1932

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