Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nestle Logo History

The Nestlé logo was launched by Henri Nestlé in 1868 on the basis of the meaning of his name in German, i.e. little nest, and of his family emblem

Henri obtained a 15-year French patent for his logo in 1868. After he retired, it was registered in Vevey in 1875 by the new owners of his company.

In 1938, the traditional nest design was combined with the "Nestlé" name to form what is called the combined mark.n 1966 the design was simplified.

In 1988, the worm in the mother bird's beak was removed and the fledglings became two instead of three. It is said that it was meant to better illustrate the activities of the company, no longer active only in nutrition, and to reflect the average modern family of two children.

The logo we know now has just been simplified.

The tree is supposed to represent an oak and the birds thrushes.

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